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Newtown Soccer Club has a Summer Recreational Soccer Program for High Schoolers that meets once a week for Scrimmage play in Newtown.

Boys Summer Recreational Scrimmage: This is open to boys entering 9th grade in the fall thru boys just finishing their senior year and will meet once a week on Wednesdays from 7-8:30 on Tilson turf beginning June 23nd through August 25th (the last 2 weeks it will be 6-7:30 due to daylight). The fee is $50 to cover Parks & Rec and CJSA fees. Please register at www.newtownsoccerclub.org or use this link: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=4:172697.

Girls Summer Recreational Scrimmage: This is open to girls entering 7th grade in the fall thru girls just finishing their senior year and will meet once a week on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 on Tilson turf beginning June 22nd through August. The fee is $50 to cover Parks & Rec and CJSA fees. Please register at www.newtownsoccerclub.org or use this link: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=4:172689.

If you need more information or have questions, please send an email to iris635new@gmail.com.





Newtown Soccer Club is happy to introduce our 2021 SOCCER & STEAM Summer Camps with a challenging program that will spark our young camper’s curiosity and creative minds while keeping them active!
With a special collaboration involving EverWonder Children Museum, this innovative SOCCER & STEAM Summer Camps combines Soccer, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math into one exciting and comprehensive camp.
Under the direction of Coach Gil Hokayma, each day our young campers will be challenged to play SOCCER and think outside the box solving STEAM projects in a safe, fun and supportive environment. These engaging activities are designed to build interest, knowledge, and skills campers can take with them into the classroom, soccer field and beyond.
For more information about the camps and registration please go to:  www.newtownsoccer.com




The Newtown Soccer Club has reviewed the guidelines provided to the club from the town of Newtown Health Department and will be upholding the following mandates and protocols. If a player or player’s parent/spectator and or coach do not follow then immediate termination from the club will be enforced.



Similar to Fall 2020 we will be enforcing:


  • All players are to wear masks entering and leaving field. IF you choose to have your child wear a mask while on the field that is your choice.


  • All coaches and spectators to wear masks at all times.


  • Benches, handrails, common surfaces etc to be sanitized as needed.


  • Teams will wait for prior teams to leave the field before entering for their game/practice.


  • Each player will be expected to bring their own water as there will be no sharing of water, snacks etc.


We saw almost zero infections transmitted during play on the Fall and expect the same results following these guidelines.


In accordance with the Newtown Soccer Club will maintain the following:

  • Commitment to ongoing communication from you to your membership about the risk of social activities that increase likelihood of virus transmission, ie. sleepovers, parties, gatherings, etc.  You are not responsible with enforcement but you do have a duty, along with the rest of us, to help try to keep virus transmission down.


  • Designation of point person(s) ( President -  Jon Delpozo) and contact info of who will be ensuring the procedures you identified above, as well as maintaining roster and attendance for purposes of contact tracing and communication ALL PLAYERS MUST RSVP TO THE EMAIL REMINDERS YOU RECEIVE VIA EMAIL TO BOTH PRACTICES AND GAMES – THIS IS MANDATORY/FAILURE TO DO SO CAN RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM CLUB


  • Understanding that when a player tests positive (a case), the other players who played with the case will be quarantined, as well as any other persons identified as a contact. If a player is in quarantine due to contact tracing, only that person will have to quarantine, not the entire team







New Referee - Grass Roots Training registration for 2021 is OPEN!!!

Grass Roots certification instructions can be found here.

You must be at least 13 at time of registration. Online course at your own pace, followed by 3 hour live virtual class. Registration open until 3/31/21, virtual courses scheduled until 4/4/21.

All aspects of certification are maintained by CSRP, not NSC.

Please visit https://www.ctreferee.net/ for more information on certification.


Are you interested in becoming a regular season referee with Newtown Soccer Club? If you are already certified in the state of CT, CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form. You will then be contacted for further information and assignment details. If you are not yet certified, check out www.ctreferee.net for certification information. Once you are certified, fill out the contact form.


Newtown Recreational Soccer Fall 2021 Jerseys




Newtown Soccer Club Spirit Wear




NSC is looking for New Adult Referees


Scholarship opportunities are available, download the form here.
Applications received will be reviewed by the NSC Board on a first come - first serve basis.





Section 6: DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES: This member shall be responsible for the purchase of field maintenance equipment and supplies. This member will organize and oversee field maintenance activities and related equipment, including field lining and goal posts placement. member of the Board. This member shall chair a committee to be responsible for the purchase of, maintenance, disposition, and accountability of all uniforms and equipment. This member shall also be responsible for and required field equipment. This member shall secure the necessary use permits for all game fields with the Newtown School District and the Newtown Parks and Recreation Department. This member shall be a voting member of the Board.






Mission Statement:

The mission of Newtown Soccer Club is to provide a safe and positive environment within which the children in our program can learn, develop, and most importantly enjoy their soccer experience. To that end, we have provided this Code of Conduct which we expect to see consistently employed. It is a written reminder that whether playing at a Recreational, Travel or Premier level, soccer is supposed to be fun for the children, and that in addition to technical and tactical development, the concepts of sportsmanship, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and good citizenship are taught and demonstrated by players, coaches, parents and spectators. It is our belief that we can be competitive without crossing the line of decent behavior, and we will not tolerate any conduct which is detrimental to the players, the community or the sport.

Newtown Soccer Club reserves the right to make decisions regarding players, coaches, trainers and spectators as it relates to Code of Conduct violations including removing said person from participating in any club practices, events or games where club teams are participating. 

Newtown Soccer Club Refund Policy


If ANY COVID Rules are broken, your child will not be allowed to continue play this season and fees are forfeited. 

Once registration closes, any and all registrations at that point are considered LOCKED and refunds will not be issued.  

Changing one’s mind, carpooling, and scheduling conflicts are not valid reasons for a refund.  If your child is “not liking it” or if there is an issue with a teammate, parent or coach, the league will attempt to rectify your situation.  However, this is not an acceptable reason for a refund. If a person so chooses to leave Newtown Soccer Club on their own accord after the start date, a refund will not apply.

Newtown Soccer Club is a non-profit organization run solely on registration fees.  The Registration fee is used to provide every player a  referees, professional coaching, field upkeep, equipment, insurance, CJSA fees and numerous other administrative items behind the scenes.  Many of these costs are incurred before the start of each season. Therefore, Fall fees inlcude these costs for both Fall and Spring seasons

There may be instances where there are extenuating circumstances. For these unique instances, a request in writing must be sent to the respective Director and each item will be evaluated individually by the Board to determine if a refund applies.  If a refund is allowed, the amount could be adjusted to account for the CJSA fee, timing of the refund and other costs. In most cases if there is a refund, it will be issued once the full season is completed.

All Board Decisions are final.

Children who move out of town after registration but before the season starts will be charged the applicable processing fee and issued a refund for the remainder of their payment. Children who move out of town during the season will receive a prorated refund (minus the applicable processing fees) based on when in the season the child withdraws from the program.

Please take this into consideration as you plan your child’s schedule!

* U10 and up (except HS REC include Fall Rec fees include Spring fees as well. If your child is not playing during the Spring session, please let us know so we do not roster them for the Spring season.




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